Discover Scuba Diving

Looking for a chance to explore the underwater world, but not ready to commit to a course? Then the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course is made for you!


This program introduces participants to scuba diving in a very safe, supervised and relaxed environment. It serves to dispel common misconceptions about stress or fear in scuba diving and is often the first step on the path to becoming a certified recreational diver.


The program begins with a brief educational introduction to basic dive principles, equipment use and underwater techniques. 


Before you know it, you'll be in the water applying your new knowledge and trying out some fundamental dive skills. When you're ready and comfortable, you'll be off to discover one of our local reefs with your dive instructor!


The advantages of this program? Once completed, you are eligible to continue diving with us for the duration of your trip. And if you're really hooked, your DSD can be credited to an Open Water Course allowing you to join the ranks of certified divers all around the world!

Cost: 95.00 USD for 1 tank, 120.00 USD for 2 tanks (includes all necessary equipment, boat ride and instructor)
Minimum age:
 10 years

Maximum depth: 20 ft - 6 meters (confined water skill session)  40ft - 12 meters (open water dive)


Make your reservation now by paying a deposit for the course so we can schedule your instructor for you! 




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