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Emergency Action Plan

First Aid equipment can be found in the front hatch of all dive boats as well as at La Buga's front office

Our very first priority is to provide the safest possible environment for your dive experience in Bocas del Toro. For this reason we continually invest in new, reputable equipment with routine, on-site checkups. At La Buga we are conscious of the fact that your personal comfort contributes to the safety of your dive experience. Through experience and training, our staff is always prepared to address any concerns you may have and equally willing and ready to adapt to your needs.

Although every possible step is taken to anticipate and prevent dive-related accidents from occurring, there is always some risk involved. In preparation for accident-management, all members of the staff have up-to-date Emergency First Response training. First Aid equipment, including Emergency Oxygen, is kept on site. In the event of a serious emergency we adhere to the following set of procedures:

  • Contact local medical emergency personnel by calling 911.
  • Emergency First Response procedures will be employed, as dictated by the form of emergency, until more qualified medical personnel arrive.

>> First Aid equipment can be found in the front hatch of all dive boats as well as at La Buga’s front office. <<

  • In the case of decompression or lung-related injuries, emergency oxygen will be administered in conjunction with the immediate arrangement of evacuation by helicopter to the nearest hyperbaric chamber.

Contact numbers include the following:

  • Diver’s Alert Network: 1 919 684 8111
  • 24-hour Hyperbaric Chamber (Panama City): 507 272 3669
  • Dr. Denham (specialist): 6675 4580

Post-accident management necessitates the completion of a PADI Incident Report for all dive-related accidents by the PADI member present and directing the initial scene. In some cases, local authorities will also be contacted.

Other useful numbers may include the following:

  • Bocas Hospital: 757 9201 or 757 9018
  • Almirante Hospital: 758 3745 or 758 3286
  • Changuinola Hospital: 758 8232
  • Police: 757 9217 or 757 9485

emergency action plan

emergency action plan

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