Scuba Diving in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro offers a very abundant and wide diversity of aquatic life in and around all islands of the archipelago. As part of the La Amistad area, Bocas del Toro is recognized worldwide for its biological diversity. The region protects the largest zone of undisturbed highland watersheds and forests in southern Central America.


Due to great conditions and highly competitive pricing, Bocas is amongst the most ideal places to participate in scuba education! Whether you're discovering the underwater world for the first time, advancing your existing certification, simply needing a refresher, or wanting to explore with us, La Buga Instructors and divemasters are prepared to accommodate all your needs.




Consistently warm, calm and rich with marine life, Bocas waters form brilliant conditions for a relaxed diving experience. Regional visibility peaks during the dry seasons (Feb – Apr & Sept - Oct). However, our gentle rainy season still ensures above average conditions all year long.


With endless reefs, the archipelago of Bocas del Toro offers a wide variety in dive sites including ship wrecks, wall dives, deep dives and more. Most dive spots are easily accessible in half day trips but there are also more remote, very beautiful dive sites meant to be explored in full day trips. These spots are accessible seasonally (mostly Sep-Oct).


Hover above and among blankets of colorful soft corals and sponges and gaze upon marvelous macro life in its greatest variety. See cowries, blennies, flying gurnards, scorpion fish, arrow crabs, decorator crabs, nudies, mantis shrimps, peaderson cleaner shrimps and many more species living in their natural environment. Spot tiny sea horses hiding in the sponges or find a toadfish blending in perfect harmony with the corals.


On a good, lucky day you might be able to observe larger ocean dwellers during your dive such as nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays, southern and whiptail stingrays and devil rays. There are also larger schools of jacks and snappers, big groupers and burr (porcupine) fish. 


Be ready to feel amazed by creatures of all colors, shapes and sizes while you discover an entirely new universe.


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