leandro noob


PADI IDC Staff Instructor and EFR instructor with over 10 years of experience Leandro can teach several courses and specialties. He loves to take people from Open Water all the way up to Divemaster. Are you scared of diving? No worries! With his kindness and patience he will walk (or swim...) you through every step of the way. Once he has shared his passion with you, there is no way that you cannot love diving and the ocean like he does! 




Micro is one of our very local staff members. Quiet above the water, but underwater he feels at home, like a fish! He is good at both diving and surfing, a killer combination! Watch out for him skateboarding around town after a good surf or dive trip.




Kaly is an excellent Divemaster from the island of Bastimentos. He is as local as it gets! Kaly knows everything about the area, as well above as under the water. When the best reggae is playing at the shop you know Kaly has selected the tunes.



Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Commercial diver; Ricardo is also a PADI Instructor with 14 years of experience in teaching. Ricardo's passion for diving began after his very first dive at the age of 7! Since then, he has been diving and working in commercial projects all over the world. Still working on various projects, he owns La Buga and stimulates his staff and the customers to feel the same ardor about diving that he does everyday!



She is in charge of the La Buguita Ocean Lounge - our restaurant/bar - and most of the time La Buga as well. Beware of the knife! Together, her and the team amaze the customers with homemade dishes and delightful smoothies. She is just as passionate about her food as we are about the water.