Learn To Surf in Panama

If you want to go surfing in Panama, Bocas del Toro is an excellent choice.


Due to its wide range of easily accessible great surfing spots for all levels of experience, Bocas del Toro is a carefully guarded secret gem.



Best time to surf is from November to April, with another peak in summer. In the area, the waves are usually fast breaking and left sided. Swell from the right direction forms hollow tubes at many surf spots around the islands.


Surf map - Bocas del Toro

There are two excellent beginner spots to start your surf experience.


You will find a gentle, long wave just in front of Carenero Island. Together with your surf instructor you will have all the time you need to fully enjoy your first long ride on a surfboard with the beautiful reef right underneath you.


On Wizard Beach, Bastimentos Island you will find perfect conditions to learn surfing right next to the beach.


Of course these two spots are not only great for beginners, but many local and international surfers spend hours taking pleasure in riding the tranquil waves during shorter swell conditions.

Let the positive island vibes carry you and explore what kind of surf options Bocas del Toro has in store for you!


At La Buga Dive & Surf, we are offering surf lessons for all levels and surf tours for the adventurous surfers. We provide safe surf lessons with visual orientation by not only teaching you how to get up on a surfboard, but teaching ocean safety as well.



Together with our highly skilled instructor you will discover the joys of surfing and the world of waves!


We will not just drop you off in the water; our own fast speedboat will stay with you at the surf spot at all times, providing extra safety and a place to rest if you need to recover from riding all the waves.


 Check out our La Buga Surf Video!



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