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Advanced Open Water

The next step in training after the Open Water Course is the Advanced Open Water Course. This allows you to enhance your diving skills and to explore more recreational dive sites around the world, especially ones that may require special training.

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About the dive

Being an AOW Diver means you have completed training in five specialized areas of diving. The ones required for this course are the specialties of Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation. Apart from those you may choose three specialties from the following:

Take This Course If You Want to
  • Avoid getting lost in the dark
  • See familiar dives sites in a new light
  • Try something new and exciting
  • Make your first night dive with a pro
Learn How to
  • Navigate underwater at night
  • Make ascents and descents in the dark
  • Use your dive light for communication
Take This Course If You Want to
  • Explore inside wrecks
  • See fascinating artifacts
  • Learn special finning techniques
Learn How to
  • Survey a wreck
  • Use lines and reels
  • Avoid common problems

In the PADI Underwater Naturalist Course you’ll learn:

  • The major aquatic life groupings, interactions and factual information that dispels negative myths
  • The role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator/prey relationships
  • How to interact responsibly with aquatic life
  • The underwater naturalist’s view of organisms and their roles in the environment

During two scuba dives, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify characteristics of local fish families and species
  • Fish survey techniques and strategies.
  • About Project AWARE activities that can help protect aquatic life
Take This Course If You Want to
  • Improve your buoyancy control
  • Dive with less weight
  • Reduce your air consumption
Learn How to
  • Achieve neutral buoyancy
  • Hover effortlessly
  • Use the right amount of weight
Take This Course If You Want to
  • Recover lost items
  • Learn underwater search patterns
  • Improve your navigation skills
Learn How to
  • Find things underwater
  • Use a lift bag
  • Plan a search operation

$340 /2 tank

Course includes:

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Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water

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