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Dive Sites

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Dive Sites

We have listed below a few examples of the great dive spots we offer at La Buga. As divers with years of experience and as having one of the top dive boats in the area, we offer dive spots unaccessible to other centers. We also love to explore new places and discover new diving spots to add to our growing list!

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Daily Trips

We offer three daily trips to the dive sites around the area.

Morning 8:30pm - 12:30pm

A double tank trip in the mornig: Divers should be here at 8.30. We leave at 9 and come back around 12.30.

Afternoon 2:00pm - 5:30pm

A double tank trip in the afteroon: Divers should be here at 1.30. We leave at 2 and come back around 17.30.

Night 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Night dives: Divers should be here at 5.30. We leave at 6 and come back around 8.

Picture of a little fish looking out of a coral photo book by La Buga Dive&Surf dive sites

1. Airport Point

This dive spot provides excellent conditions for a relaxed underwater experience. Being protected from wind and waves and current, is a very calm dive, with lots of coral heads. On this interesting site you will find lots of coral variation and many fascinating underwater dwellers.
Maximum depth reaches 14 meters/ 50 ft.

2. The Old Wreck

The old wreck is a dive spot on the South West side of Colon Island. In 12 meters/ 40 ft of depth you will find a beautiful ship wreck which was intentionally sunk there around ’97. With time, the old ferry became part of the natural environment and is now a shelter for countless big and small fish and other reef inhabitants. On both sides of the wreck there is a lively coral reef where you can easily spot more interesting underwater species.
Maximum depth reaches 14 meters/ 50 ft.

3. Mangrove Point

At Mangrove Point you will find a lovely shallow reef, suitable for both beginners and more experienced divers. If you are keen on underwater photography, this is the place to go since it it shielded from current. It is also a fantastic place for night diving, where you can explore the underwater world from a totally different perspective.
Maximum depth reaches 18 meters/ 60 ft.

4. Pandora

Pandora is our very special dive site as one of our instructors found this dive site while exploring. Pandora is a very healthy coral reef with tons of fish and plenty of diversity. The Spotted Drumfish is a common local here. We’ve only ever had positive feedback from this dive site!
Maximum depth 15 meters/ 50 ft.

5. Playground

Located right in the middle of the islands Colon, Solarte and Carenero, this is a very lively spot. You can enjoy the contrast of white sand with red sea stars and lots of dense coral reef. Swim with many colorful fish which usually come to play in this area. You will go on an easy and shallow dive which is excellent for underwater photography.
Maximum depth reaches 14 meters/ 50 ft.

6. Old Man’s (seasonal)

This is another shallow dive but since it is a popular surf spot, it is only possible to dive here when the surf is down. It features nice corals, sea fans and a very interesting bottom contour. Unique to this dive site is the (considered endangered) yellowtail damselfish.
Maximum depth reaches 10 meters/ 30 ft.

7. Sachen (seasonal)

This unique spot is also a shallow dive, but more than diverse enough to suit both beginners and more experienced divers. Due to the depth and swell it’s only safe to go when there are no waves and the sea is calm. You can enjoy various coral species not found anywhere else. You will dive in the middle of two walls following the coral line that has lots of sand patches, so if you are lucky you can find nurse sharks taking a siesta. Many years ago, a ferry sunk at this spot and its now coral-coated walls are forming this spectacular reef.
Maximum depth reaches 12 meters/ 40 ft.

8. Dolphin Rock (seasonal)

This site is an offshore rock formation with depth ranging from 0-20 meters/ 65 ft. The marine life varies from the usual reef suspects to some more rare pelagic species. Beautiful colors, lots of fish and breathtaking surroundings will make this dive an unforgettable experience! This spot is only accessible when weather and swell conditions allow it.

9. Machette Caves (seasonal)

This dive site brings you to one of the outer reefs and for sure is one of the best dives in the area. You’ll find lots of caverns and overhead passages here. In some of these caves you probably will spot tons of glass fish.
This dive will probably be one of your most exciting and unique experiences during your travels. The caves are only accessible in very calm water conditions.
Maximum Depth reaches 14 meters/ 40 ft.

10. Hospital Point

Hospital Point is of the most famous dive sites in the area. You will dive along an astonishing wall full of corals. It is a great place to bring your non-diving friends for snorkeling, too. You will be amazed about the diversity this spot has to offer.
Maximum depth reaches 14 meters/ 50 ft.

11. Mystic Wind

Another shipwreck! This is a trimaran that was sank on purpose in ’15 to create (marine) life around it. It is one of the few dive sites where you will probably encounter some sea horses. On a good day it’s perfect to combine this dive with a small wall!
Maximum depth reaches 18 meters/ 60 ft.

12. White House and Green House

Located in front of the island Solarte, White House is one of the deepest spots in the area. Therefore, this site offers two dive options: It is the perfect place to go deep diving, for example for your Advanced Open Water course and also provides a shallower area with a very interesting underwater typography, lots of coral and many schools of fish.
Green House stretches along the same seemingly never ending reef as White House. In this area, you can spot sea lettuce, spotted moray eel, toadfish and sometimes big rays and smaller ocean dwellers hiding between the colorful sponges and corals.
Maximum depth reaches 33 meters/ 100 ft.

13. Punta Caracol

This spot provides very calm dives. As there is hardly any boat traffic in this area, this site is very rich in coral and underwater life.
Maximum depth 14 meters/ 50 ft.

14. Tiger Rock – Day trip (seasonal)

This spot is definitely the best dive site in the area. Located 40 km away from Isla Colon is this beautiful group of pinnacles, where life is abundant. Here you can see large schools of fish, sharks and huge parrot fish. The boat leaves at 9:00 am and returns around 5:00 pm. After the dives we stop at Zapatilla Cays for lunch and to spend some time at the stunning beach on Zapatilla island. This trip is only offered with minimum 4 divers and if sea conditions allow it.
Maximum depth reaches 35 meters/ 110 ft.

Ready to start diving?

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